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Want to take your business idea further?
These courses are prerequisites for apply to the LaunchPad program.

Want to use your startup savvy to land your dream job?
Employers love to see this option added to a degree.

Here’s the full journey any Laurier student can take through the Entrepreneurship Core:



Entrepreneurial Process

Offered Year-Round

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Business Model Creation

Launching Fall 2016

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Business Model Execution

Offered Winter 2017

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ENTR200: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This is an excellent introductory course to start your entrepreneurial journey.  Emphasis will be on developing an entrepreneurial mindset, while also mastering specific tools and techniques to help ensure entrepreneurial success.

Explore the career options entrepreneurial skills can provide, how to generate ideas, deal with risk, get funding, and embrace failure. The class will introduce you to the Business Model Canvas that is used as a conceptual tool to help shape new venture ideas and facilitate the startup process.

This course is primarily designed for business students, though non-business students can sign up if the introductory courses are not available to them in their home faculties (e.g., SC200, SE200, BU440).  Business Principles (e.g., BU111 and BU121) are highly recommended as pre-requisites.

ENTR300: Business Model Creation

This course takes it to the next level with students moving forward with their own entrepreneurial aspirations. Over the course of the term you will develop and evolve a new venture idea. Through the application of state-of-the-art lean startup methodologies, you’ll learn how to launch a new venture without incurring unnecessary risk, while also maximizing your hopes for success.

The format will be a ‘flipped’ classroom with students doing weekly progress presentations on their customer-discovery interviews and experiments.  The class will increase your business confidence and creativity, and will enhance career prospects with the skills you’ll take away. This course will challenge you in ways no other on campus.  It will be frustrating, exhilarating, and ultimately very rewarding if you are up to the challenge of creating your own business.

This course is by application only (entry is based on your idea as well as preparatory background).

ENTR301: Business Model Execution

Having taken ENTR300, students will want to ratchet their entrepreneurial skills up another notch.  Students will continue to evolve their ideas towards successful execution throughout the course.

In addition, a number of modules will address such essential areas as:

  • Public Speaking (e.g., speeches, presentations, pitches, competitions)
  • Digital Facility (e.g., web, video, crowdsourcing)
  • Managing Your Network (e.g., LinkedIn, mentors, advisory board)
  • Research Methods for Entrepreneurs (e.g., interviewing, experiments, data analysis)
  • Deep Subject Matter Engagement (Persistence, Tenacity, Creativity, Inspirational Stories)

These areas will be addressed with a hands-on approach to help ensure the best possible outcomes for entrepreneurial success.