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You have what you think is a solid business idea. But is it actually viable? Will it be profitable? Through Laurier’s innovative business incubator, LaunchPad, you can test it and find out. Better yet, you can enhance or adapt it until it is strong enough to take to market, minimizing your risk and maximizing your returns.

We’ve culled the best approaches from a number of disruptive thinkers, including the world-renowned Start-up Genome Report from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. LaunchPad will teach you about revolutionary, leading-edge entrepreneurial theories, with a focus on the lean and iterative mentality and methodology.

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Winter term deadline:
To be determined

Communitech Building
151 Charles St. W



Winter term deadline:
To be determined

150 Dalhousie Street,
RCE 138.


Six Nations


16 Sunrise Court
Ohweken, ON

How it Works

You won’t be reading textbooks in a classroom setting. We’ve flipped that notion on its head. You’ll be out in the field, with your sleeves rolled up. You’ll conduct experiments and meet set benchmarks, working with your potential customers, swiftly building, changing, or modifying your product or service until it genuinely meets their needs. Build/measure/learn is the continuous loop that leads to success.

Mentors, support, and networking opportunities will abound. You’ll have workspace at Communitech in Kitchener, The Accelerator Centre at UW or, if you’re in Brantford, the Research & Academic building (RAC) – room RCE 138. Once a week, you will gather with your peers in a classroom to share your results, successes, challenges and discoveries.

The program works in two phases: LaunchPad Start and LaunchPad Scale.

LaunchPad Start focuses on achieving your product-solution fit through iteration and customer interviews. By the end of this part of the program, you will have confidence that your business is viable and has a market that is willing to pay for it.

LaunchPad Scale is the second phase where we help you grow your business by connecting you with the resources and expertise you need.

New LaunchPad Companies

LaunchPad Companies


Do I have to have a business idea to apply to the Laurier LaunchPad?

Yes, to be accepted into the Laurier LaunchPad you must have a well thought out, knowledge-based startup with a unique and distinctive value proposition. The whole point of the LaunchPad is to use the program to iterate an original idea into a proven business model that works.

Who qualifies for the Laurier LaunchPad Program?

Students and alumni from any faculty at Laurier qualify for the Laurier LaunchPad Program. Our mission is to give every student and alumni from Laurier the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship.

When are applications accepted for LaunchPad?

Applications are accepted before the start of the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

What resources does LaunchPad provide for me?

Being a part of LaunchPad will provide you with access to our vast network of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors who can guide you through the process of building your business. LaunchPad startups have access to our workspace available in the Communitech Hub in Kitchener-Waterloo, and are also able to apply for special funding opportunities such as the AC JumpStart funding.