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What’s In It For You: The Laurier Launchpad Program

I’m Sandeep De, Strategy & Design Advisor for the Laurier Launchpad Program. I helped redesign the program and am part of a great team helping 26 startups at the MBA and undergraduate level to rapidly learn from the market, adapt their business models and succeed with their startup ideas.

Here’s the thinking behind the Laurier Launchpad Program and what you can expect to get from it.


On the shoulders of giants

The program’s design is a synthesis of research and analysis from thought leaders in a niche aptly described as “entrepeneurial management science”. The goal of this field is to create repeatable, scalable and profitable new businesses more systematically than the fly-by-night, roll-the-dice and hope for the best stereotype typically associated with startups.

Some of the influences on the design of this program include:


Uh, so what do I need you for? 

If you were thinking this after reading the above list, you could just read through all of it on your own and gain the contained knowledge that way. After all, none of the above is top secret and the thought leaders are well known. But that’s not the value of the Laurier Launchpad Program.

The value we’re bringing to you is in hands-on support and expertise over and above the content. We’ll connect you with resources, community partners and mentors who have “been there and done that” solving startup problems and building successful businesses. If experience is what other people call their mistakes, you’ll gain it from us without having to learn it all the hard way yourself.

To further underscore how the content isn’t the special sauce, two key design aspects of the course are “the flipped classroom” and “experiential learning”. Instead of being lectured at for hours, you learn the content on your own time outside of class. Then you apply it to your business idea in the real world each week. The classroom is “flipped” because you’re the one who then gives the lecture. You’ll tell the class each week what you learned and what you’re going to do next in experiential, applied learning.

There are no answers to memorize ahead of time, spit out on an exam and forget soon after. Progress will be measured by how you learn, pivot or persist with what the market tells you each week. We want you to graduate the program not knowing all the answers, but knowing how to get them and turn unproven ideas into proven business models. You’ll get rapid solutions and guidance from the mentors and resources we’ve assembled to help you figure it out as you go. You won’t get that just by reading – this is learning by doing with experienced guides at your side each step of the way.


 “I wish this existed when I started my business!”

Our goal is to enable you, the startup founder, regardless of background, with everything you need to turn your idea into a repeatable, scalable and profitable business before time and money run out. We will support you and connect you with resources to make that happen. We will show you how to take a systems level perspective on your business and eliminate risk with an outside-in, market-driven approach.

The number one comment we hear from successful startup founders who are working with us in the Launchpad Program is “I wish this existed when I started my business!”. We invite you to take advantage of what they wish they had and turn your idea into the next great business story to come out of this region. We’ll make it happen.




Sandeep De

Strategy & Design Advisor, Laurier Launchpad Program


iam (at) sandeepde (dot) com