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The Case for Content Marketing for Startups (Part 3)

When it comes to content marketing for startups, we’ve covered what content marketing involves and why it is such a helpful marketing tool for young businesses. In a future post, I plan to provide helpful tips for planning your content marketing (the how) but first I think it’s important to get context by looking at some great Laurier Alumni startups that believe in the power of content marketing.

B2B Service – Venture Accelerator Partners

When you land on it becomes very apparent that Venture Accelerator Partners (VA Partners) makes content marketing a priority. At the very top of the homepage, there is a call to action to download a white paper:


Clicking the button leads to a page where there is a form, that requires you to give a little personal information to be able to receive the document:


This is an example of “gated content” – potential customers have to agree to pass through the gate (the form) in order to obtain it. This is usually a tactic used for higher value, more in-depth content. The benefit of gating content is that it is a way to obtain information from an interested suspect (someone who is heading down that sales funnel). With that information, you can switch into sales mode – you can follow up via email a week after they get the white paper to ask if they found it helpful. You’ll open up that channel of communication so that a relationship can build.

VA Partners also has an explainer video, an active blog, and a monthly email newsletter. Email marketing is a whole beast of its own, but in this company’s case, email is used as a digest of content that is of value and relevant to their target market. Regularly arriving in a prospect’s inbox keeps your brand top of mind and further solidifies you as the expert in your chosen topic.


Since their content is aimed at helping startups with marketing, sales, and social media you may be interested in checking out some of their stuff!

B2B Product – Fides

As an effort to increase interest in the beta testing of their software, social media optimization startup Fides is spending their marketing energy on blogging and social media. By creating helpful posts every week that precisely target social media managers, the Fides team is able to jump into the conversation about social media on social media.


Notice how their Twitter feed is a combination of content that they have created as well as sharing posts from others that are part of the community. Social media is all about conversation, and Fides does a wonderful job of pinpointing great content and making it easy to find through popular hashtags such as #socialmedia and #SMM (short for social media marketing).

B2C Product – PumpUp

If your startup is B2C, then we have a great example for you here. PumpUp is a fitness app that acts as your workout coach whether you’re pumping iron at home or at the gym. So to get in front of their target audience (people who want to work out better), the team creates and shares content as it relates to health and fitness. What is extra special about their content is their Spotlight Series, which highlights users of the app and gives them a chance to tell their fitness stories.


Not only are these interesting stories to read, but this kind of content acts as a testimonial for their product. In any business, proof points such as testimonials, ratings, or reviews act as an important way to stand ahead of your competition. In the extremely competitive fitness app space this is especially challenging, which is why it’s great to see PumpUp doing so well to highlight their success.

So from what we’ve seen, blogging is a huge part of content marketing but by no means is it the only form. Perhaps down the road we could dive more specifically into the topic of blogging – if you’re curious to learn more, let me know in the comments or get in touch!


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