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Secrets to Cultivating Successful Habits for Hi-tech Professionals & Entrepreneurs

What makes a great entrepreneur great? One thing humans all have in common is that we run off of patterns.  You are a reflection of your habits.  That friend of yours who eats out and plays video games everyday…he or she has habits.  Likewise, a Fortune 500 CEO also has their own distinctive habits that lead their every day lives. Do you know what yours are?

networking_mainWell, if you’re reading this blog chances are that you are probably looking to develop habits similar to that Fortune 500 CEO. One of the strongest attributes a successful entrepreneur has is the ability to effectively build and leverage a strong network.

Everyone has a different perspective on how to network.  How do you define it? Is it handing out business cards at a conference? Or is it about finding new business?

Wayne Chang, President of Pivotry Consulting, approaches networking in a rather unconventional way.

“Approach networking opportunities with the mentality of connecting with interesting people.  Networking shouldn’t be about selfishly seeking connections to benefit your own business.  Meet great people and connect them with others in your network who can value the introduction!” – Wayne Chang

This is called an active eco-system – a personal network that works for you.  Great entrepreneurs build this naturally and are born connectors.  By connecting the interesting people with others in your network you’ll recognize these same type of introductions being reciprocated.

When you meet someone chances are they can’t personally help you with your business – but I guarantee they know someone who can.  Build them into your active eco-system and things will start to come full circle with very little effort.

The best time to change the way you approach networking was yesterday.  The next best time is now.  Join us on April 16th to learn from the best and start cultivating the habits of great entrepreneurs. Sign up here – its FREE!


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Entrepreneurship Community Coordinator