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Pitch Perfect Workshop Part Two: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Continuing from Part One: Comfortable Over Coffee:

In part two we take all the confidence you built in part one by talking and recording your conversations about your venture, and we bring in a healthy dose of reality.

Step Two: Mind Map


Key Pillar: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Instructions:

  • Take Out your Business Model Canvas and Mind Map
  • Playback Your Conversation
  • Fill Out Your Mind Map (found above) Purely Based on Your Recording
  • Compare It To Your Business Model Canvas (if you don’t have one yet DO IT NOW)

The ability to compare what message you are conveying in a casual conversation over coffee and the key principles highlighted on your BMC is crucial to the development of your pitch. This exercise emphasizes those differences and the GAPS in the delivery of your Value Proposition.

What key points about your business did you communicate?

Which key points did you miss that you would have liked to?

What do people WANT to know about your business?

This is a tool that should be used continuously throughout the early stages of your venture in order to ensure that you are communicating the messages you want to.



Adam Frye

PR and Communications Professional

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