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Laurier Alumnus Breaks Guinness World Record

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that you don’t have to make all of your own mistakes.  Learning from others who have been down the same path, is a much faster, less-painful way to navigate the growth and development of our business.

Laurier Alumnus, Jeremy O’Krafka, learnt this invaluable lesson four years ago while he was working as a business development consultant with a few tech startups.

“I started to experience a ‘dip’—I was struggling to take my business to the next level.  Looking back, I remembered that when everything was driving forward earlier in my career, I had surrounded myself with mentors who represented elements of what I wanted to accomplish.”

The life of entrepreneur tends to feel like a rollercoaster at times.   During times of success and forward motion we often overlook the small meaningful habits we practice on a daily basis that contribute to our success.  However, like Jeremy, it’s crucial that during these ‘dips’ we use self-reflection to reach points of realization to begin the uphill climb again and make it happen.

“Establishing a new mentoring relationship with monthly meetings, helped me turn things around in just over a year—and the idea for MENTORnetwork was born.”

This past May, MENTORnetwork played the lead role in producing “The World’s Largest Business Mentoring Event” at the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery Conference.  Entrepreneurs from all walks were seated with 20 different mentors for 3-minute one-on-one sessions – leaving the event with 20 new relationships and invaluable advice on how to overcome current challenges in their businesses.

In the process of initiating over 4,000 new business relationships and setting a Guiness World Record, valuable lessons about the differences between entrepreneurs who succeed at leveraging mentorship and those that don’t.

3 Ways to be MENTORready:

  1. Entrepreneurs need to learn to tell their story effectively and succinctly
  2. BEing Coachable is what opens up a mentors vault of advice and connections
  3. Manage meeting like a pro – which you’ll learn from taking the MENTORready workshop!

The MENTORready workshop will be running this fall for the students interested in entrepreneurship at Laurier.  Between our alumni and connections with Communitech, Laurier has such a dynamic mentor network – it’s a HUGE untapped resource for student entrepreneurs!

Are you MENTORready?