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Laurier LaunchPad Leads to Lightbulb Moments

With all of my ideas on paper I decided to start my own business, AY Entertainment; Canada’s first Canadian Asian record label.  With a clear mission to raise a generation of Canadian Asian artists and entertainers my next step was to execute and put it into action.

My name is Yesung Cho, this year I’ll be graduating from the Faculty of Music at Laurier, and I am currently building my business through the Laurier LaunchPad!

IMG_1309When I first started AY Entertainment, my knowledge of the business world was zero….nothing!!!  With a keen interest to learn more about business I joined two business SBE clubs – the Laurier Marketing Association and the Laurier Innovation + Technology Club to gain more knowledge and build my network.

After jumping head first into this eco-system I soon learned about the Laurier LaunchPad from an alumni who shared his personal experience, and how it helped develop his idea into a business.  He was also not a business student so this instantly caught my attention. I knew the LaunchPad would be the answer to helping me transform AY Entertainment into a business.

Having now been through the LaunchPad firsthand I can confidently say that the students, mentors, and community partners in the program have transformed my mindset and given me a clear understanding of the AY Entertainment business models, value proposition, and customer development strategy. The  flipped classroom has taught me how to ask the right questions and give meaningful feedback to other entrepreneurial endeavors.

The biggest ah-ha moment for AY Entertainment was when I clearly identified the problems that Canadian Asian artists faced, and were willing to pay to solve. Although there were several common problems I knew of from day one, the LaunchPad helped me identify the top three problems and begin developing the solutions (services) that artists are seeking. This thought process and the ah-ha moment itself would not have come if I had done this on my own. Thanks to the Laurier LaunchPad, I am able to step forward with the company right out of school.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.29.06 PMThe next steps of AY Entertainment are to continue to work with the 9 signed artists and help them grow as a professional musician and entertainer, all while continuing to experiment and learn from the solutions we’ve created thus far. After establishing the core services and developing testimonials you’ll be seeing AY Entertainment scaling and expanding towards larger urban areas such as Toronto.

Just as an encouragement to other entrepreneurs out there…“You can only take yourself as far as you can dream, so dream even bigger than what you are imagining now.”


Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.54.44 PMYesung Cho