2013 Laurier LaunchPad Startups

LaunchPad Waterloo

The Smile Epidemic

Levels of self reported happiness are at an all time low across North America and the Smile Epidemic is committed to helping people and companies to be happier and to perform better. The Smile Epidemic is a for profit social innovation incorporation that delivers humanities science though technology channels.


Event Peeks

Much like a digital scrapbook, EventPeeks allows users to combine event photos, videos and even tweets in one platform. Any event attendees can contribe, creating a unique 360 degree perspective on the event. From public festivals to private gatherings, EventPeeks is attracting planners and organizers to use the service in order to integrate various media or social media coverage on their event. Eventpeeks was started by Bart Piwowara and Aron Tennant who recognized the market for integrating innovative technologies. With their passion and experience in the software field, these entrepreneurs are putting a modern twist to event marketing.

Card Exchange

The business idea is a mobile application that allows users to exchange their contact information in a more efficient way. Through the use of QR codes users will be able to simply scan the other person’s phone and receive all their contact information directly from our databases. The contact information will be presented with the layout of a business card ultimately attempting to have Card Exchange replace the business card in the long run. Since businesses are the ones who pay for their employee’s business cards we will be selling Card Exchange directly to the businesses as a way for them to reduce those costs and allowing us to retrieve all the employees contact information without having to input any information

Card Exchange Team:

Eric Martin & Nick Deakin


Le Prix

Le Prix is a pre-loved designer fashion business focused on providing clients with affordable pre-loved designer clothing, shoes and accessories online and in person.

Le Prix Team:

Robyn Hobbs



Healthworks is a network of healthcare professionals who connect and share information to help improve their individual practices. Professionals are able to integrate various fields of practice and create health teams who cater to the local community. As health science students, Cory Blumenfeld and Danish O’Habib found a lack of connectivity and communication in existing healthcare services outside of hospitals. For this reason, they seek to contribute in the development of an integrated healthcare system and eliminate current barriers in providing quality healthcare in Ontario through Healthworks.

AY Entertainment

Canada’s first Canadian Asian Recording Label.  AY Entertainment is currently rostering 9 Canadian Asian Artist around Waterloo region. Its purpose is to build a bridge between the two trending music industries (North American and Asian).

AY Entertainment Team:

Yesung Cho


Pricing Management System – Business Name TBD 

Alex Nequest and Jordan Poste are developing a system that allows retailers to manage store pricing more efficiently. They are currently targeting large retailers who direct significant resources in updating store prices on a regular basis. As an added feature, the system also allows shoppers to use mobile devices in order to locate products as they shop within the store. Three years in the making, Alex and Jordan now work with a team of engineers in developing their price management system.


Meal In A Jar

Meal in a Jar creates fresh, wholesome meal solutions that enable healthier lifestyles for busy people. A variety of serve-hot and serve-cold options are available in large and mini glass Mason jars, including fresh salads and comfort food favourites.  Each meal is gluten-free and is made from fresh ingredients with no added preservatives.  Meal in a Jar is available in the Waterloo region at Vincenzos, Heatlhy Foods & More and Balzac’s in the Tannery Building.  Subscription packages are available at Mealinjar.ca with free delivery to many local pick up hubs.

Meal In A Jar Team:

Carson Kolberg



E.Engine will be hybrid of Kickstarter and Y Combinator. E.Engine will be an online funding platform to obtain funds for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Ghana with the hopes of spreading to neighbouring West African Countries. Private Equity/Venture capital services will also be provided to these businesses that as required

E.Engine Team:
Barima Peprah


Symple ID

If you’re like most people, you can relate to forgetting a user name or password on some kind of regular basis. And when you do forget, it’s a significant pain to try and guess the right one, or worse still go to the trouble of resetting and picking a new one.

Part of the problem is that security experts keep telling us not to use the same password for every site, not to use simple names or words, and to change our passwords frequently. Is it any wonder that we all tend to forget the right combination from time to time?

With the growth of online services and social media, this problem isn’t getting any better, in fact, it’s getting worse. Enter Symple ID, a start-up that wants to eliminate passwords and user names from the user experience entirely. Symple ID’s objective is to use Smartphone, NFC and BlackBerry 10 technology to make logging into your favorite online services, social media and other websites as easy as unlocking your front door, and even more secure.

Symple ID Team:

Richard Fox-Ivey


360 Waterloo

360 Waterloo is a digital media production firm that specializes in visual storytelling for organizations. We produce breathtaking photos and captivating videos that are personal, memorable, and engaging.

LaunchVault Team:
Shubhagata Sengupta



TrafficSoda disrupts the $77B Online Advertising Industry with an innovative SaaS technology that gives marketers a suite of tools to drive targeted web traffic.   Executed on an elegant dashboard, the core technology is designed to spread a businesses voice across all Internet channels with real-time analytics to discover where consumers are being influenced.  Started by Rob Farnham, Jessica Chalk and Phil Inglis, the company’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the myopic and tedious Internet marketing tools and get back to what really matters; connecting to an audience through value-added conversation.


Catchr is a smartphone application which seems to improve accessibility and reduce costs of public transit. Commuters are able to plan their transit trip using the application whig provides information on the up-to-date routes and schedules. In addition, the application collects and analyzes information on transit usage to help municipalities and other public transit system providers reduce costs. Brett Willemsen is the computer scientist behind Catchr who started the initiative in December 2012 based on his own public transit experiences.

Catchr Team:
Brett Willemsen & Levon Sarmazian



MyCareerCity.com allows students to find mentors and get recruited by employers and graduate schools. Students can give or get advice from university students, build their connections, manage their professional identity, and get live updates from recruiters all on one platform.

Co-Founders- Eugene Osei, Stephen Amoah , Aliya D’Silva


R Space

University is known for many great things;   unfortunately, stress is one of them. ‘R Space is a social venture at Wilfrid Laurier University that is dedicated to helping students deal with stress by offering 15 minute massages on campus during final exams for the same cost of a latte. The masseurs are kinesiology students trained in basic massage technique by a reputable Kitchener-Waterloo massage clinic giving the students quality moments of relaxation during the most stressful months of the year.




LaunchPad Toronto



Grocers+ is a mobile application which allows store owners to advertise in-store promotions while notifying shoppers when particularly selected products are on sale. For grocery store owners, Grocers+ not only serves as a marketing tool but also gives owners an opportunity to sell overstocked and/or nearly expired items as opposed to having them discarded. Shoppers on the other hand benefit from being able to personalize notifications to match their needs with items on sale. Shoppers can also notify other users on specific sales to gain reward points. Owais Jaleel, Aoun Ali, Max Rusan and Sana Zahidi make up the Grocers+ team who hope to attract students and other low-income shoppers who can use their smartphones to generate savings in their grocery shopping.

Grocers+ Team:
Aoun Ali & Sana Zahidi


Nedia Technology Solutions

Nedia Technology Solutions (“NTS” or “Nedia”) is an international consulting firm that aims to bridge the technology gap that exists between Africa and North America. We are able to achieve this goal by connecting African private sector and government enterprises with leading North American technologies. At NTS, we are committed to providing our clients with superior technology options in order to provide effective business solutions. By collaborating with various partners in the technology industry, we aim to stay one step ahead of competitors and help our clients maximize profitability and process efficiencies.

Nedia Technology Solutions Team:

Tony Argbonkhese, Kam Rattan, Janet Pierce, Adrian Nascimento & Suneel Puri



Seeqin Inc.

A recruiting and human resources platform for local businesses/front line job market.

Seeqin Inc. Team:
Sam Kashani


Cloud Launch One

Journey to the cloud can be a confusing endeavor, whether you are just starting out and trying to get your idea off the ground, or an existing SMBthat wants to continue to evolve your innovation. You want guidance to help you get to the destination as efficiently as possible. You strive to be agile and nimble so you can confidently compete in the marketplace.

At Cloud Launch One, we understand that challenge. We want to help you grow your business by leveraging powerful cloud tools. For that reason, we have put together the necessary services to help you succeed. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from a number of services to guide you along the way.

Cloud Launch One Team:
Helen Ching