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Countdown!!After months of long nights, early mornings, and brute strength, LaunchPad startup hit the big green button and went live at 10pm on May 5, 2013! is a career social network that connects high school students with post-secondary students at the school and program of their choice to better prepare for post-secondary school.

“This is a breakthrough in higher education planning. We give high school students unprecedented access to a network of post-secondary students across Canada & U.S to get experience based advice to aid them in their transition into post-secondary.” – Eugene Osei, CEO

Choosing which university and program to attend is often one of the biggest decisions a student can face.  After experiencing the pain first hand, Co-Founders Eugene Osei, Stephen Amoah & Aliya D’Silva decided to take matters into their own hands.  Keep on your radar – big things to come!


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Entrepreneurship Community Coordinator


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