Academic Courses

Regardless of your program of study, every student at Laurier can take courses from Laurier’s Entrepreneurship Core or the Social Entrepreneurship Option.


Entrepreneurship Core:

ENTR200: Entrepreneurial Process

SC200: Entrepreneurship in Science

MU301: Entrepreneurship for Music Students

ENTR201: Business Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

ENTR300: Business Model Creation

ENTR301: Business Model Execution


Social Entrepreneurship Option:

SE200: How to Change the World: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

SE300: Entrepreneurship for Arts Students

SE400: Capstone Course in Social Entrepreneurship


Additional Electives: Undergraduate Level

BU111: Intro to Business Organization & BU121: Functional Areas of the Organization

***these courses incorporate the BDO New Venture Competition and the PepsiCo Pitch Competition

BU321: Social Entrepreneurship

BU403: Entrepreneurial Finance

BU421: Managing the Family Enterprise

BU460: Laurier Startup Fund

BU479: High Tech Marketing


Additional Electives: Graduate Level

BU611: Entrepreneurship for MBAs

SK632b: Entrepreneurship for Social Workers

BU690: Startup Fund Practicum