New Venture Competition


Each year, the BDO New Venture Competition introduces over 1200 first-year BBA students to entrepreneurship. In the fall term, during BU111, students work in teams to generate ideas for a new venture. Then, in the winter term, as part of BU121, they develop a business plan and present it to their peers during labs throughout March. The top team in each lab presents their business plan to a panel of alumni and current Teaching Assistants, who then choose the 5 or 6 finalist teams to be judged by a panel of entrepreneurs and external business community members. This group ranks the finalists and selects the winning team. Scholarships and the BDO New Venture Competition Cup are presented at the awards reception at the end of March.

The competition is designed to strengthen the students’ analytical skills as well as their communication and presentation skills, while analyzing opportunities for business creation and development. Created by Professors Jim McCutcheon and Laura Allan, it serves as a foundation for students looking to continue in the entrepreneurial stream during their business education as well as providing the students an opportunity to experience how all the different aspects of a business are integrated.


BDO New Venture Project Resources:

Writing an Executive Summary
Perfecting Your Pitch


Past Winners

2015 | 20142013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

Competition Policy *effective September 12, 2007: Scholarships awarded as a result of participation in the BDO New Venture Competition will only be awarded to those students continuing education at Wilfrid Laurier University for the year following their participation in the first year competition.  Scholarships are applied directly to the student’s account with the Business Office (Registrar’s Office).  This award is not transferable to another institution or as a cash prize.