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A Passion for Fashion, Served on a Budget with a Side of Greens

Looking back at the elementary school days up until now, Laurier entrepreneur Robyn Hobbs, has always had a unique taste for fashion.  However, arriving at university posed an interesting question…”How can I continue my love for shopping for designer clothing on this student budget of mine?”

Soon after, Robyn made her first trip to a local thrift store where she found some of her favourite designer pieces tucked away in the racks.  Not only did she find great pieces for herself – Robyn was constantly stumbling across items that she thought would look amazing on her friends…LIGHTBULB!

“I loved the adventure of being able to uncover these hidden gems, plus I was recycling beautiful clothing!  Once I started having friends ask me to take them shopping to find these great pieces of clothing I recognized the opportunity I had –  not only to help women be adventurous by discovering designer clothing within their budget – but also to start a business!” says Robyn.

The next natural step for Robyn was to create a Le Prix Facebook page to spread the word – which quickly turned into Robyn’s online showroom!  It was at this point, however, that Robyn faced the question every entrepreneur fights “Do I start this? What if it fails miserably?”

The rapid growth in sales and immediate traction Le Prix experienced quickly shot this question of doubt out of the sky.  Customer after customer was purchasing clothing, and immediately referring their friends to Le Prix after having such a great experience.  Talk about organic growth and a passionate customer base – could you ask for much more to validate an idea?

Today Le Prix is expanding its inventory and customer base every week, expecting lots of new business with school recently back in full swing.  The Le Prix website is now up and running at – focused on continuing to build an online designer retail store to display the 170+ pre-loved designer clothing and accessories in stock.  Robyn plans on applying to the Laurier Launchpad program this fall to continue to build Le Prix and reach its greatest potential!

Interested in seeing what’s in stock at Le Prix? Do you have a love for fashion and are looking to work for a startup? Connect with Robyn personally to see if the shoe fits!                               @RobynLePrix


Dave Inglis

Entrepreneurship Community Coordinator