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A Laurier Startup: GoDay – Fast Cash, Click & Go!

Tickets to see your favorite band play next weekend are on sale for one day only – but since pay day isn’t until next week, it looks like you’re going to be missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. If only you could find a way to quickly borrow the cash with the click of a button – you’d be able to pay it back as soon as you get paid! It’s times like these you need GoDay!

GoDay offers short term, low value loans to bridge the gap between unexpected expenses or paycheques for Canadians.  GoDay operates solely online, allowing customers to receive approval or denial within seconds.  Upon a customer being approved for a loan, the funds are directly deposited into their bank account.  As loans become due, principle, plus interest and applicable fees, are automatically debited from the customer’s bank account, to be lent out again in the future.

In January of 2012, GoDay entered the Laurier Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program at the Communitech Hub.  Since then, we have built a strong team of entrepreneurs, secured basic funding, and have continued working on the implementation of our website and back end system, for launch in early September. During this time GoDay has been awarded the Laurier Entrepreneurship Award and the Laurier Nicol Entrepreneurship Award.

The Laurier Accelerator program, under the direction of Steve Farlow, was one of the main drivers in the business reaching its’ current stage of launch.  The Accelerator Program guided the GoDay team through the stages of market research and validation, legal proceedings, and fundamental brand considerations.

Upon completing the Accelerator Program, GoDay has continued to work out of the Communitech Hub on a launch plan leveraging the Venture Services Group.  The Communitech Hub has provided a dynamic and collaborative working environment for the GoDay team, allowing us to meet with industry leaders and mentors to shape our technical, human resources, legal, and marketing needs.

GoDay is now LIVE!  Check out their new website today at!


 Jordan Hyde

Founder & CEO