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A Laurier New Venture: Optimal Power Technologies – Optimizing your businesses’ energy efficiency

The inflation of energy prices, an increasing concern about climate change, and growing support for energy and environmental issues has driven a surge of government and corporate environmental initiatives focused on optimizing energy consumption. Optimal Power Technologies is an Energy Service Companies (ESCO) established to meet the growing demand in the energy sectors, gathering the best energy saving/generation technologies for each type of green energy application.

Optimal Power Technologies was established in 2011 to provide a whole new take on the Energy Service Company model.  OPT’s current portfolio includes LED Lighting, Smart Grid Energy Management Systems, Power Factor Optimization, HID Lighting Control Systems and HVAC efficiency systems.

As OPT continues to expand their solutions portfolio, only the best products from each sector are selected to offer the customer the most efficient solution possible. Optimal Power Technologies’ exclusive relationships with globally diverse product manufacturers results in OPT’s ability to bring new and exciting products to the Canadian market place.

All members of the team are Laurier Students from different academic backgrounds. The Optimal Power Technology team consists of:

  • CEO – Ben Robinson,
  • VP Internal Affairs – Sam Robinson,
  • VP External Operations – Matthew Mayer,
  • Sales Director – Sean Hamilton,
  • Lead Engineer – Henry Goddard, and
  • CFO – Ryan Brown

Four members of the OPT recently graduated from the WLU Accelerator Program in April 2012.

“The accelerator program took our business to the next level, added to our solutions portfolio and helped show us the route to market” – VP External Operations Matthew Mayer.

The Laurier Entrepreneur Accelerator program not only allowed OPT to network and share ideas with other like minded entrepreneurs at the Communitech Hub, but provided the opportunity to gather advice from a variety of professionals in many different fields such as finance, branding, marketing, and legal assistance. This community and program was the catalyst to OPT’s accelerated development. Although our team has graduated from the Laurier Accelerator program, Steve Farlow, Director of the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, continues to advise OPT on an ongoing basis.

OPT wouldn’t be where it is today without the immense support from Wilfrid Laurier University, BDO, Gowlings, Kevin Hood, Brandtannery and especially Steve Farlow for all of their hard work and commitment to see OPT get off the ground and start running.

If you would like to get involved in OPT’s green movement or know of any facility that could benefit from OPT’s services please contact CEO Ben Robinson.


Ben Robinson