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A Laurier New Venture: Fundraid – Fixing the new world of old problems

With half the world’s population under poverty, constant starvation, disease & disaster, I cannot think of a more greater need in the world we live in today than to simply do more good. I thought to myself.. “if I could empower people to do good everyday, that would simply be the best product the world can have”.

So I went on this mission that lead me to found a company called FundraidFundraid enables collective masses to simply do good, without any extra effort, money or time. It is an online fundraising platform that lets you collect free money for various social initiatives by simply surfing the web! It works as a tiny application on your browser that manages your ads while you browse the websites you already do today. This allows users to view high quality ads of products that are actually relevant to them, while simultaneously allowing advertisers to finally connect with their customers online. The money from this social advertising is distributed to the users who can donate their earnings towards various charitable projects of their choice. The cool part of this is, that as a user, you never have to go to any specific website, click on any ad or even get bombarded with unwanted distractions. It’s a pure, clean approach to advertising that has no affect on your surfing experience, while providing you with higher quality ads and opportunity to fulfill your philanthropic intensions.

We hope to use this crowd-sourced method of social fundraising to allow people all over the world to pitch-in, raise money and contribute to social initiatives on a single platform. Fundraid truly brings the power to the people in making the world better.

Fundraid is in a very exciting phase right now.  We recently hit 500 users on our alpha version, and move towards unveiling the newly designed beta iteration of this platform. We are excited to bring more social projects on board and use the valuable feedback of our pioneers to build a better, more organic way of making a world-wide difference from their own laps.

It has been an interesting journey, and there is still a long way to go. Through all the amazing experiences and learning opportunities, the Fundraid team has learned a great deal from all the support available in the region of Waterloo. The Communitech Hub, and especially Laurier’s new Entrepreneur Accelerator program are great opportunities for student’s like me to go out and a make a difference of their own.

In the end, I am excited for what the future holds. This new era of social connectivity and instant accessibility to knowledge holds a key to an endless array of opportunities that wasn’t available to individuals my age in the generations before. As we grow into this world and start to shape the world into our imagination, I am excited to see what comes and glad to say that if you would like to help solve the world problems…there’s an app for that! So go out and get it.


Huzaifa Sial