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A Fashion Update

As a lover of fashion, making people happy and working creatively, I created Le Prix: a pre-loved designer clothing, shoes and accessories business. This passion for finding inexpensive and stylish clothing caught the attention of my friends, strangers and unexpected referrals. In my 4th year at WLU in Environmental Studies and Business Administration I was focused on finding my passion, when my best friend connected me with the Laurier LaunchPad. Meeting the inspiring people in the Laurier Sandbox sparked the motivation to join the LaunchPad.

leprix14The Laurier LaunchPad challenges your business – most of all I can tell you the vision of scaling my business has grown immensely, pardon the pun. From a more experimental mindset while conducting market research and networking with experienced individuals, I have been able to find a greater demand in the market for Le Prix, larger than I ever imagined.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that it is ok to pivot your business value proposition to find a larger demand.  I’ve also realized that connecting with individuals already in your market place can help you understand your market far better and most importantly save you time!

The uniqueness of the LaunchPad truly lies in its structure, where you meet with potential clients, research on your business, share it with the other start-ups and are encouraged to work outside the classroom. From that, I have pushed my comfort zone and that is where the magic happens. It is hard to define one best part of the LaunchPad, but it has guided Le Prix to grow its vision, reach appropriate clients and ensure I provide value to them.

For anyone with a dream of developing an idea in the future, the Laurier LaunchPad provides the framework to refine that idea and build invaluable life skills.

Let’s talk fashion!



Robyn Hobbs

Founder of Le Prix