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2 Ways to Embrace Obstacles

As an entrepreneur I encounter many obstacles and I’ve learned that the best way to overcome them is to embrace them. Here are 2 pieces of advice I have on my approach to embracing obstacles.

#1 Although you see obstacles, visualize success.

It’s not about what’s in your eyesight but what’s in your mindset. It’s not about what you see but what you believe. Obstacles don’t stand a chance against you if you embed it in your mind that they stand no chance. Your life journey will encounter so many obstacles that will deter you from realizing your dreams because you let your vision form your reality. When I say this, I specifically mean you let obstacles handcuff your mind into believing you can’t do it.


Work hard at training your mind into believing you can take on anything.  This mindset enables you to absorb any challenges or obstacles you encounter in your life. In the first 2 minutes of encountering an obstacle I have already created solutions to overcome it.  I’ve personally trained my mind to overcome obstacles that may come in a few weeks. That way I am prepared to tackle any obstacle that comes my way.

Don’t let obstacles blind your vision of success. Train your mind to visualize success.

#2 That obstacle in front of you was built for you; it’s yours to conquer.

This week a mailman is going to deliver a beautifully designed package to you. Can you guess what’s inside?

It’s an obstacle and it was built specifically for you!


Although you may decide to run from challenges, the mailman is scheduled to deliver a new package to you in a couple of weeks. Life is full of temporary obstacles designed to deter you from moving forward and in case you didn’t know, the mailman has a warehouse full of these obstacles signed, sealed, and ready to deliver to you for your entire life. This week I want you to have fun with any obstacles or challenges you encounter and just embrace it; it’s yours to conquer.


eugene-photoEugene Osei

CEO at Career City Inc.

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